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Engineering, Engineers and Different Engineering Types

Basically, Engineering means the use of various scientific methods and formulas to plan, incorporate and make machines, make structures, and other modules, including large bridges, differing types of roads, tunnels, buildings, vehicles, and other appliances. However, the themes of engineering encircle a broad range of more specific sectors of engineering, each with a more specialized peak on particular areas of applied physics, applied math, applied chemistry, electrical, mechanical, medical, genetics, computers, software, and other sorts of application. The person studies a specific engineering subject, become expert thereon and obtain in hand working experience thereon sector, he/ she is named an Engineer thereon subject. as an example, if an individual has vast knowledge about machines and had in hand working experience thereon sector, then we’ll call the person a engineer.


What is the advantage of Engineering?

Engineering makes our life easier. All the fashionable facilities we enjoy to form our lifestyle easier is that the gift of up to date engineering achievements. there’s impact of engineering everywhere, in high raise building, vehicle, tools, electronic devices, computing devices, medical instruments, military equipment and in other sectors. advantage of engineering is so diverse that’s indescribable in few sentences.

Types of Engineering

The Engineering Subject is so diverse that, there are quite 40 available engineering subjects within the times . Some popular engineering subjects are: EE , engineering , Computer Engineering, engineering , engineering , Environmental Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering etc.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering mainly examines and discus about the equipment, devices and systems associated with electrical tools of electricity and their design & applications. within the latter half the 19th century, this discipline of engineering appeared as a recognizable profession after the commercialization of telephone, electric telegraph also because the electric power generation, transmission, distribution and its use.

Now, the EE is segregated into a good range of subcategories including power, telecommunications, signal processing, electronics, radio-frequency engineering, instrumentation and computer engineering. Other engineering branches like hardware engineering, electromagnetics, waves, power electronics, microwave engineering, electrochemistry, renewable energies, nanotechnology, mechatronics, and electrical materials science even have a correlation with EE .

Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is especially involved the sketch, construction, and preservation of the naturally built environment and physically built public/private works like roads, highway, railways, bridges, culvert, canals, sewerage systems, dams, pipelines, airports, constructional components of buildings and other related works.

After military engineering, engineering is that the second oldest engineering section among all disciplines of engineering. It takes place in most level like personal estate , organizations, nation, multinational and international stage.

Computer Engineering

The Computer engineering also referred to as computing engineering (CSE) may be a discipline of engineering that works with computing , electronics, software and logic design. This branch mainly deals with hardware and software. It also examines and works with microprocessors, microcontrollers, supercomputers, laptops, personal computers AND circuit design. This section of engineering focuses on both the working of computer systems and therefore the integration of that on the larger scale.

The Computer science engineers generally write firmware & software for embedded microcontrollers, design analog sensors, designing VLSI chips, designing operating systems and style mixed signal circuit boards. this sort of engineers also deals with robotics. Robotics highly believe digital systems that monitor and control electrical systems like motors, sensors and communications.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering works with the mixture of physics and arithmetic . It generally analyzes, designs, make and maintain mechanical machines. This discipline of engineering is basically broad and it’s one among the earliest sectors of engineering.

The engineering discusses and works with dynamics, thermodynamics, mechanics, materials science, structural analysis, gears and electromechanical apparatus.

Architectural Engineering

Architectural engineering mainly building and structure engineering, is an engineering sector that works with multi-engineering approach to plan, sketch, built a structure or building. The engineering deals with energy conservation, plumbing, HVAC, lighting, acoustics, fire protection, vertical and horizontal transportation, behavior and properties of building components and materials, structural systems, construction management etc. it’s a comparatively new profession because it become popular after the 20th century, consequence of the rapid technological developments and industrial development.

Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineering, a eco health monitoring subject, is a discipline of engineering that analyzes with the health of environment. It studies microbiology, chemistry, ecology, geology, hydrology, biology, hydraulics, and arithmetic to seek out a correct solutions to the environmental problems and generate ideas which will protect also as improve the health of living organisms and therefore the quality of the environmental atmosphere. This discipline of engineering is taken into account as a sub-discipline of, chemical engineering, engineering and engineering . It applies the scientific and engineering principles to raised and maintain the great environment mainly to guard human health, natural ecosystems and improve the broader health of environment.

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering is one among the fashionable demandable engineering discipline thar also referred to as BME, BioMed or Bioengineering. it’s a mixture of multi-sector engineering that mixes engineering and biology to use scientific, engineering principles and arithmetic to develop medicine and healthcare system.

Due to the increasing demand of utilization of machinery and technology altogether aspects of healthcare system, Biomedical Engineering is on the increase . It combines biological and technical knowledge to supply solutions to medical needs and contributes to the event of life-saving concepts like surgical robots, artificial organs, advanced prosthetics, kidney dialysis, new pharmaceutical drugs, artificial organs development etc.

Biomedical Engineering may be a dynamic and large discipline with numerous areas to focus. as an example , the subdivisions of Biomedical Engineering include: Biomaterials, Biomedical Electronics, Computational Biology, Tissue, Cellular and gene-splicing , Orthopedic Bioengineering, Medical Imaging, Bio-nanotechnology, Chemical Engineering etc.

Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering, one of the most unique kind of engineering, is a discipline that uses concepts of physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, and economics to effectively produce, use, design, transform and transport chemical materials and energy. The works of chemical engineers are mainly utilization of nano-materials & nano-technology, especially within the sophisticated laboratory for industrial processing on an outsized scale that convert raw materials, chemicals, living cells, energy and microorganisms into useful products and other forms.

Chemical engineers are involved in plant design and operation works like hazard and safety assessments, modeling, process design, analysis faults, control engineering, engineering , reaction engineering, biological engineering, instruction manual , construction specification etc.

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Internet could also be a vast place and sometimes finding reliable source of data may be difficult and time consuming. Sometimes we spend hours to seek out useful information but get confused at the top , that’s where Engineering Boss Blog are often really beneficial for you to shave some time and supply reliable details in an organized manner.


Therefore, whenever you’re checking out information associated with civile, IT, electrical, mechanical, marine and engineering sectors, it’ll be an excellent idea to require a glance on our site, as you’ll get the small print in ease. We always concern about our website user satisfaction and dedicated to provide quality information with latest updates.


The reason behind creating this blog website is to present our gathered information in an organized manner in order that we will spread our knowledge to new generation and make the expert in technology and engineering. Success features a secret footprint, random afford can’t bring future success, rather it can burdensome to strive without knowing the goal. that’s the why we are there to point out you the proven success way and assist you achieving your target without hustle. That is why engineers love it. I believe Engineering Boss has the potential of becoming your most favorite engineering blog website.

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